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Fit Yummy Mummy Lifestyle System Review

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Price:$39.95 Basic Edition $4.95 Trial Offer

This lifestyle program for busy moms is a comprehensive guide to what’s
arguably the most widespread, challenging and frustrating issue faced by
moms today: how to get their pre-baby body back. For almost all mothers
the changes their bodies incur during pregnancy coupled with the countless
responsibilities that motherhood bring spell trouble for regaining their
pre-pregnancy figure.

Pros: Holly Rigsby is a nationally recognized women’s fitness coach,
certified personal trainer (CPT) and the author of the internationally
popular e-book – Fit Yummy Mummy. Holly has had four years experience and
as a personal trainer supervising over 4,414 workouts and  training over
300 Moms. It doesn’t take long to see that this lady knows what she’s
talking about when it comes to mom’s lifestyles.

The Fit Yummy Mummy fat loss workouts are covered, but not without easy to
follow explanations of the why’s and the how’s for every part of the workout
program. The workout plan even offers four different formats that you can
plug into your lifestyle, something not found in any of the cookie cutter
fat loss programs on the market. The favorite part of the workout section is
that regardless of your exercise (or lack of exercise) background, there is a
workout designed specifically for you.  And no matter what you fitness
level is, none of the workout programs require more than 90 minutes a week.

It’s actually very user-friendly. Not only is this e-book packed with sound
practical advice and the whole thing is laid out in a very logical and
easy-to-understand format, but it comes with a Quick Start Guide to make
sure you start acting (and seeing results) fast.  The tone of Fit Yummy Mummy
light and non-threatening (no scientific terminology here!) and it proceeds
in a logical manner from step to step, with plenty of photos and descriptions
to ensure that you are doing everything right.

There’s a section called the Busy Mom’s Fat Loss Companion crammed with easy
to use tools and resources like a goal setting sheet, fitness journal,
exercise descriptions and even a ready made grocery list. The author has
figured out every excuse and obstacle busy moms have and addressed them all.

In addition to the main features detailed above, there are plenty of valuable
extras included to make getting your pre-baby body back as easy as possible:
checklists, do’s and don’ts, printable workout sheets, even ready to follow
meal plans.

Cons: There are no cons for the Fit Yummy Mummy manual. The 8 weeks guarantee
removes all of the risk for customers.

Guarantee: There is 8 weeks guarantee of satisfaction given for the Fit Yummy
Mummy manual. If customers are not satisfied with it, they can ask for and
receive a full 100% refund of the purchase price, no questions asked.

Value for money: The Fit Yummy Mummy manual is packed with information that is
valuable, timely and useable. For this reasons I give a rating of excellent value.




Written by ddenchev

July 23, 2008 at 4:01 pm

Look what Holly’s satisfied customers say:

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pic“I am a mother of four; 7 year old son, 3 year old son and 10 month old twin
daughters; I also teach fourth grade full time. It is easy to see that time is not a luxury I have! After having my girls my body did not go back to it’s old self and being the impatient person I am I wanted it done the day I had them. I tried the low carb for a while, low cal diets and other fads until I found Holly’s Fit Yummy Mummy Lifestyle System. I saw how the program worked wonderfully for my cousin so I thought I would give it a try.

I am so glad I did!! Holly is a wonderful motivator. In 8 weeks I’ve lost 9 pounds of fat and 2 inches off my waist. I’ve even lost 1.5 inches from my hips!

It was different at first to eat every 3-4 hours but after a while it became habit and the food choices are unlimited! I encourage any busy mom to use Fit Yummy Mummy to get her body back!”

Melissa Gregory, Mom of 4, Age 23, 4th Grade Teacher


pic-2“The Fit Yummy Mummy program provides you with EXACTLY what you need to get back the body you had before your baby and you also get real-life solutions that work for ACTUAL MOMS who have a husband, kids, and hectic schedule! Holly Rigsby always over-delivers with her programs, and has done it again with Fit Yummy Mummy, but what I admire the most about Holly is her sincerity. Holly has proven yet again that her programs come from her heart, from her compassion (and personal experience) of being a busy mom. Let Holly help you get your beautiful, sexy, Fit Yummy Mummy body back.”

Jeremy and Alissa Nelms


pic-3“I’ve practiced cosmetic and reconstructive procedures for over 15 years. Working with hundreds of busy moms, I know how important a sensible nutrition and an effective exercise program is for dramatic and lasting results. Despite what many women believe, long bouts of cardio do not render the results of a tight and toned body. The answer also isn’t found in a plastic surgeons office. Rather the solution lies in time efficient workouts especially those busy moms can do in right at home.

Our most successful transformations include moms who incorporate resistance training exercises, interval-style cardio sessions and a supportive nutrition plan – for these are the keys to true fat loss- prior to any plastic surgical procedure. I routinely recommend the introduction of an appropriate program as part of a clients “lifestyle” before embarking on procedures such as tummy tucks and liposuction. The requirements of the Fit Yummy Mummy Lifestyle System for a busy mom are reasonable and can be sustained for the long haul. I have had to opportunity to see the results of this system with some of my very own patients and I know that their happiness with their new look after surgery is in large part attributed to the Fit Yummy Mummy Lifestyle System.”

T. Gerald O’Daniel, MD, FACS Louisville, KY Chosen by Louisville Doctors the Top Plastic Surgeon in Louisville consecutively in 2001, 2005 and 2007.

pic-4“After having three kids, I didn’t feel like I had the shape and tone that I wanted. I’d read a lot about eating “clean” and resistance training. I was ready to see if that was the way to reduce my body fat percentage. For months I floated around, halfway eating the way I knew I should. I was doing resistance training three days a week and hours of cardio a week. The day I began my new program, I weighed 132 with 19.1% body fat. I told myself that if it went down to 18% I would reward myself with a new pair of shoes for the gym. I followed the program faithfully, never missing a workout and never deviating from my diet. I even gave up diet soda. My body began to take shape almost immediately and I became more pumped up each day, when the weight that I could lift increased. When my fitness professional took my measurements about a month later and I was BLOWN AWAY to see that my body fat had dropped to 14.3%. Plus, I had lost an inch and a half off of each thigh. I was in total shock, and absolutely fired up. This program has made all the difference in my results and my motivation.”

Jennie Gray, Stay at Home Mom

pic-5“I’ve been a trainer for 11 years, working with dozens of Moms, and I know what works for fast results. It’s not long, slow, boring cardio workouts. It’s short workouts you can do in the comfort of your own home. Big commercial gyms will never tell you this, because they want your membership money. They want you in there on that clap-trap cardio equipment, watching their TV’s and going through the motions. And they don’t care if you get results, because they just want a renewal on your membership. But as a trainer who only gets paid when a client gets results, we’ve found over and over again that bodyweight exercises and short interval sessions are the key to fat loss – and more importantly, to helping a Mom get her body back and maintain control of her family’s schedule. Three years ago I had a son, and in 6 months I was in “pre-baby” shape using a Fit Yummy Mummy workout protocol.”

Shondelle Solomon-Miles
Weight Loss Educator & Coach, Body Transformation Specialist

pic-6“I am a pharmacist at one of the busiest hospitals in Indianapolis, Indiana. I am also a busy mom of a 4 month old. It is quite a challenge to balance my career, my home life, and try to find time to work out and eat right! But it is so important for us moms to take care of our bodies…so we can feel good about ourselves and have the extra energy we need to play with our kids. One of the biggest myths that I hear from fellow working moms is the idea that it requires hour long cardio sessions to lose fat. This is a surefire way to lower your metabolism and actually gain weight! True fat loss and a firm, toned body can be achieved by performing workouts that use the resistance of your own body weight. The best part – these workouts can be performed right at home! Fit Yummy Mummy is the perfect solution for busy moms!”

Jennifer Henton, Pharm. D., Pharmacist, Indiananpolis, IN

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July 22, 2008 at 4:55 pm

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The Fit Yummy Mummy Interview

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Today my friend Josh Hillis sent me a short video interview with Holly Rigsby, the creator of Fit Yummy Mummy lifestyle system.
This 3 minutes interview is presented below for all of my readers.

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July 19, 2008 at 6:24 am

Fat Blasting Holiday Workout

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Looking for fat loss holiday solution? Don’t look further. With as little as 90 minutes a week you can lose up to 2 pounds of fat! Why wait? Start the new season at least 10 pounds lighter with Fit Yummy Mummy style!

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July 13, 2008 at 2:06 pm

Don’t more serious things please!

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In our life exist nice moments too, I’m right? Like this one below….
Now give me a smile….. Larger, please! Thank you!

Want more time for your baby? Click here!

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